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The dangers of social media dependency

Like cliques in high school, social media can be fickle. One day, a platform is the place to be, and all the cool kids are hanging out there. The next day, they’ve moved on to somewhere else. One day, the popular kids love all your posts. They comment on them. They share them. The next day, for reasons known only to them (and the algorithms), they stop paying much attention to what you have to say.

Design Influencers tour application now open for Fall market

“The Design Influencers Tour is a win-win for participants and for the sponsoring showrooms,” says Tammy Nagem, president and CEO of the High Point Market Authority. “This is one of our most popular Market programs and there’s a lot of brand exposure to be gained for everyone involved.” 

The e-commerce clock is TikToking

What do 57-year-olds do when their daughters send them TikToks? Ignore them, mostly. I’m interested…