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HPMA Releases Spring Market Event Schedule at The Point

The High Point Market Authority (HPMA) releases its Spring Market programming and events scheduled for HPMA’s branded pop-up venue The Point, which operates daily from Friday, Apr. 12, to Wednesday, Apr. 17.

Making 2024 a profitable year for your design firm

The vast majority of interior designers are in business to make money. It’s not a hobby or volunteer project, right? But some designers aren’t giving the business side of their firm the attention it deserves, according to findings from a Pearl Collective survey. We look at some areas you might want to address to make next year your most profitable year ever.

Pearl Collective honors 2023 Boardroom winners

Pearl Collective, formerly known as Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting, supports interior design professionals and firms as they achieve transformational growth in profitability, productivity, and professional and personal satisfaction. One of the organization’s mastermind collectives, the Boardroom, takes established design firms and amplifies their business helping them reach financial freedom, joy and happiness. Each year, Pearl Collective recognizes select Boardroom members for outstanding accomplishments within their business over the last year.

Will 2024 be a dreary year for interior designers?

A new survey hints at slowdowns in business for designers. See what firms are doing to stay productive and profitable in 2024 and start making your own plans for a successful year ahead.

Is an interior design business coach worth it? 

When I started working in the interior design sector it was for Design Campus, at…

Gail Doby firm rebrands as Pearl Collective

Denver-based Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting, which provides business guidance and coaching for interior designers…