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Thomas Cooper Studio: Reflections on a lasting design partnership

Thomas Cooper Studio is an inspiring place for the designer who is searching for the thing that made them fall in love with design in the first place. 

Sandra Vlock on learning to call herself an artist

On this week’s Disruptive Design, DNN Editor in Chief Courtney Porter sits down with Studio Vlock founder Sandra Vlock, to explore her transition from architect to artist and the enduring influence of the participatory nature of the built environment in her creations.

Breegan Jane and Clarke & Clarke are a match made in tropical heaven

A match made in tropical heaven, designer Breegan Jane dishes on her debut textile collection with Clark & Clarke, sharing insights into her inspirations, cultural influences, and design legacy.

When does furniture become art?

Every once in a while a designer like Jesse Visser comes along whose work sits so comfortably at the intersection of art and design, so as to make them inseparable. Visser is a luminary in contemporary design, whose unmistakably singular aesthetic and iconic designs prioritize user interaction, balancing conceptual purity with commercial appeal.

The trendy, techy, and timeless

The predictions business is about aggregating data from lots of different places. But if that weren’t an option – If you could just pick one resource or place to routinely visit; or one column to regularly read, in order to track and predict emerging trends – what would that be? For designers Robin Baron and Dann Foley, and trend forecasting expert Patti Carpenter, that answer is undoubtedly: Paris. 

The story behind interior designers’ favorite steel doors

Todd Noe, founder of Maiden Steel, discovered his passion in a junior high metal shop class. The sight of sparks flying and molten metal yearning to be shaped fueled his fascination. His affection for crafting with metal sparked instantly, starting with welding skateboards, then on to high-end bikes, and culminating in his current focus on architectural steel doors and windows at Maiden Steel.

Designing the whole ‘crib’ with Christina Ishida

Ishida began her design career by selling elevated gifts, furnishings, and antiques primarily for nurseries at her petite Cici Crib shop in New York. Her unique and sophisticated approach to children’s rooms facilitated a seamless transition into designing for adults. She is currently the head designer at Splurge Home and the principal of CiCi Crib Interiors, the prominent design firm in Pittsburg, PA, specializing in transforming the whole ‘crib.’ Our conversation not only explores her shift from nurseries to comprehensive home design and from shop ownership to interior design but also delves into topics such as establishing trust with clients and considering the personality of furniture and architectural elements within a project.

Beyond beige bouclé: How Russell Sutter stands out in a sea of mass-produced products

DNN Editor in Chief Courtney Porter sits down with Catherine Schmetter and Joseph Palmer, the visionary founders of Russell Sutter to discuss how they prioritize standing out in a sea of mass-produced products. Together they delve into sourcing inspiration from fashion and dance, and bridging the gap between fine art and everyday design, their commitment to domestic manufacturing and the ways in which technology is challenging traditional retail models.

Design stories that shaped 2023

While some of 2023’s most resonant design stories revolved around maximizing profit and preparing for an AI-driven future, many of the top ten stories focused on the creative process. They highlighted the journeys of specific designers, unveiling their strategies for building successful careers, sourcing inspiration, and infusing freshness into their new collections.

Product previews: Las Vegas Market winter 2024

Regardless of design style, consumers are craving the warm and cozy, environmentally-conscious, and simple, neutral aesthetics. Here is a look at what’s to come