The story behind interior designers’ favorite steel doors

Todd Noe, founder of Maiden Steel, discovered his passion in a junior high metal shop class. Sparks flew and molten metal bubbled. His affection for crafting with metal ignited instantly. He began welding skateboards, then moved on to high-end bikes. These days, his focus is on architectural steel doors and windows at Maiden Steel. Click play on the video below to watch DNN editor in chief Courtney Porter’s conversation with Todd Noe about discovering and cultivating his passion for steel, working with interior designers and architects, and challenging the conventional:


The advantages of not coming from a door and window background

Todd Noe does not come from a background in windows and doors and that has its advantages. Rather than drawing inspiration from other windows and doors, Maiden Steel takes creative cues from architectural designers, emphasizing sleek lines and unique aesthetics. The hallmark of their craftsmanship lies in their towering doors, 20 feet or taller, complete with seamless welding and proprietary pivot hinge hardware. 

Maiden Steel’s doors often appear to be molded from a cast giving them their signature aesthetic. Their latest offerings feature leather-wrapped handles with elegant baseball-stitched detailing (Keep an out out — a little birdie told us furniture and home accents are next for Maiden Steel).

What truly distinguishes Maiden Steel, however, transcends mere aesthetics. Noe’s ambition revolves around conceptualizing pieces that defy conventional limits, akin to the sensation experienced by skateboarders and BMX bikers— pushing the boundaries of physical limitations.

About Maiden Steel and Todd Noe

Maiden Steel is a brand that is redefining the luxury door industry with its precision engineering and thoughtful design. The brand is led by the founder, Todd Noe, who has utilized his strong background in welding to create a range of bespoke metalwork projects throughout his career. 

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Todd Noe is an exceptional craftsman with a strong background in welding and bespoke metalwork projects. Throughout his career, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of design and engineering, creating awe-inspiring works of art. With MAIDEN Steel, Todd has channeled his expertise into a product line that not only captivates the eye but also withstands the test of time.

Under Todd’s visionary leadership, MAIDEN Steel has redefined the luxury door industry. Each steel and glass door produced by the brand is meticulously crafted through precision fabrication and thoughtful engineering. The result is a collection of industry-leading products that embody elegance, durability, and exceptional craftsmanship. Their steel and glass doors are industry-leading, with each product created through precision fabrication and thoughtful engineering. The brand’s made-to-order door offerings include entry pivot doors, sliding door systems, and wine room enclosures, each with customizable features that fit any home.

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